Covid-19 Rules

Below are some important precautions we are taking :

Social distancing is still very important.  By coming to our location we are assuming that the people you are with are people you are quarantining with as well.  Our weekends are being held for safe family play.

– Please do not bring anything into Lara’s Labyrinth that you can’t bring into the Escape Room.  Please leave unnecessary items in a locked car. Drinks, food, phones, purses, or jackets are not required for gameplay.  Lockers will not be available at this time.

– Our waiting area is now closed. We ask that you call us from the parking lot when everyone on your team has arrived.   Our staff member will meet you at the door and lead you in.

– All our games will be private.

– We will require that everyone wash their hands prior to entering the rooms.

– To comply with CT regulations, All guests must wear masks, if your child is too young to keep a mask on their face,  we ask that you wait for mask restrictions to be lifted before bringing them to play. If you forget your mask we have some that you can purchase. Latex-free gloves can also be purchased.

– Surfaces will be sanitized between each game.

– Please do not come with a cough or if you have recently been sick.  We can not differentiate a cough from a cold from anything else.

– All guests will be required to stay in their Escape Rooms upon completion of the game.  Your Labyrinth Master will come and get you when the lobby is cleared of all other guests.