All sales are final. There are absolutely no refunds. 

Please understand that our cancellation policy is not intended to punish anyone for not being able to show up.  We understand things happen.  Covid.  Sick kid. Babysitter cancelled.  We have heard it all.  Escape room reservations are similar to a movie ticket with assigned seating and times.  Except if you don’t show, we don’t have 100 other guests to offset your no show.  Since all groups are private, if you don’t show up or try to cancel last minute, we generally do not fill that reservation.  Especially during the weekend.

Our cancellation policy is as follows.
1.  There are absolutely no refunds.  All sales are final. You can reschedule within certain parameters.
2.  You can reschedule your booking with no additional fee with 3 days notice.
3.  If you even think there is the slightest chance you may not make your booking, but want to reserve a specific time spot, use the hold room deposit to reserve it.  We will still honor a reschedule with 3 days notice.  There will be no credits or reschedule games within 72 hours of your reservation if you just paid the deposit.
4. If you pay in full, and are unable to make your scheduled booking and did not make 3 days prior to reschedule, you can reschedule your booking and pay a reschedule fee as long as its not the day of your scheduled visit.  The reschedule fee is $79.00.
5.  Same day cancellations will not be rescheduled under any circumstance.
Thank you for understanding!



Lara's Labyrinth - MA